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This timely and transparent book of poetry was self-published with IngramSpark in 2021. It shares personal perspectives about the impact that divisive social constructs and racial trauma can have on life outcomes. Topics highlighted: mental health, spirituality, and the pursuit towards trusting a power higher than self, as a means to overcoming. 

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Take a look at what people are saying about Butterfly, Fly!

"Each poem/short story leaves you feeling empowered to not only make a change but be the change that you want to see in the world... All generations can learn, feel deep, and be inspired by each poem."

"A must-read!!!! The author went deep inside her soul and transformed her thoughts and experiences into poetry...I recommend you get this book and read it and then read it again…. It is that captivating and Therapeutic!"

This is such a great read!! I love the vulnerability of this book. The author expressed trauma, police brutality and sensitivity through her eyes not knowing others are relating from that perspective as well!...This is a must read!!!

"I really enjoyed reading this amazing book of poems. This thought provoking book of poems consist of real life circumstances and events that I and people in my circle can relate to. My favorite quote of the book is "I subconsciously became fearful of blackness, I became fearful of me" This goes true for me as well growing up in the inner city. I truly recommend this book for all readers even those with non-similar backgrounds. Cudos to the Author "

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